We should re-think making NEW General Topics, right? [DISCUSS]



First off, read all if you were tagged. If not, do it anyway. I know I’m not popular/famous/well known and that no one likes me but do it anyway.

Secondly, I am not pointing fingers at or blaming any one person. Many people are guilty of this and it’s been on my mind for a month or two.

Thirdly, I am aware the past can’t usually be changed so this is only a reminder I would like to share, so that people think more next time.

What is this all about?

There are too many General topics. Common issue over which people argue. But I’m no hypocrite. I’ve made three.

However I only made three because my first two hit the reply limit of 10,000 or so.

Others make them because their other one was closed by flags or something. That’s fine.

What is the issue?

Many people do not do this.

Some reasons they give for a new GT:

  • got too old for me to edit

I genuinely get this one. I felt the same way about my first. But a tip. If youre a regular, make a wiki and you can edit forever more! If you’re not, dont worry. There would probably not be many reasons to edit the top posts a lot anyway… and if it’s a title just ask a Regular!

  • not active enough (not many posts or no posts in ages etc)

Sorry I take issue here. You may say ooh kvg thats cos you have loads of replies but no. How do I get those replies. Simple I tag (or rather annoy) my friends a lot to talk. Even then, the number of posts hardly matters in a topic. All that matters is good conversation right?

I’m sure you can think of other reasons and what is good/bad with each…

But if a topic is not closed, it is perfectly possible to post on it.

then again, if a topic is closed by flags or something, you could easily tag a mod or leader and request that it be opened. (If you dont know which topic to use, use the Talk To a Hopscotcher ).

What I want?

Just think about it.

Why is this an issue?

This clogs up the forum in exactly the same way as duplicate topics, because thats what they are.

That’s all. I know y’all don’t me. I haven’t made a topic in ages lol.

Credit to @NindroidGames for the encouragement.

Over to you @OMTL

last thing! To anyone who read this far, if any part of this seems to aggressive or something let me know how to improve it. I want this to be a friendly reminder.

Maybe make general topic names shorter?

Bleh its been a while.

First @KVJs_Lot


Thank you for making this!!

It’s so frustrating when people make new general topics because their old one is inactive or something. I’m glad someone addressed this issue.

I think people still know who you are though XD


Awesome topic. You’re so right.


You’re welcome I guess.

And I doubt that :smile:


Yeah, true


Nice topic! This was really needed.

I was actually thinking of making this topic earlier today…


Oh cool. Sorry I got there first…


Nah, it’s okay :stuck_out_tongue:
I would probably not have finished it…


I get what you mean. This took a while :joy:

About 24 minutes to be precise


I can imagine



Lets get back on topic?





Did i sound too aggressive/annoyed?


Tip: if you can’t edit your gt and aren’t regular, create a new topic and have a mod merge it with the old one. It works.

About this clogging up the forum similar to how dupes do, see my topic about why dupes might sometimes be okay


Not at all :D
I was just considering the fact that we might have gotten a teensy but off topic on Candycanes gt…


Okay then…

Why is this wiki -Rex

For when this closes.


I feel like each account should automatically get a general topic that is separate from topics and more like a group chat


Nice idea, but what if you didn’t want a general topic?


Then you wouldn’t have any choice.