We should have more loading lines!



I feel that there’s only a few loading lines and more should be added. The hopscotch team should probably even add in more user-submitted ones! What do y’all think?


It’s a good idea. @Ana, what do you think of this?


Oh yeah!
Those jokes on the loading screen!
This is a great idea!


I agree! It would be really nice to see new ones and the jokes on loading screen make hopscotch really enjoyable!


They held this contest once, it would be great to see some more

Message: You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV


@GameCodingCrazy123 would have some good ones I bet
“Don’t look down, there could be a sinkhole under you”


“…” ok I’ve got nothing but I agree and it’s a great idea!


Elephants can’t jump


@CreationsOfaNoob How did it work when users where able to submit those loading messages? Did you have to send an email to them?


Yes, I was just saying that! I keep seeing the same one.


This is a great idea, I agree and I hope that THT will take this into consideration. Does anyone have an idea of how many lines there are in the app?

And Hopscotch´s “loading lines” has taught me a lot! Like palindromes (“race car” and “taco cat”), that everyone has gold in their blood, that only about 11% of the people in the world are left-handed and much more!


Here’s a wiki for ideas for some!


I saw an old project by THT which said to remix it with suggestions.


Cows can go up stairs but they can’t go back down them


Yeah they have taught me a lot too!

I think there are 25 different ones


I think so. I’d like to see more as well.


THT had a project that you could remix with suggestions. I think the project itself was actually made by someone else though.

@GameCodingCrazy123 it’s 107…


Can you reply with a link to the project please?


Wow that’s a lot more than I thought


It´s not too surprising for me, actually. I know that they had a lot of loading lines! But yeah, 107 is a lot.