We should bring back moderators or leaders!



To @Liza and THT

I believe THT should bring back moderators or leaders. Moderators and leaders where normal hopscotchers that had special abilities, such as making groups, and uploading projects to starter projects. Everyone is needing moderators or leaders. Here are some reasons why I think we should bring moderators or leaders back.

My first reason is simple. People are breaking the community guidelines. In the past week I have reported a number of people for communication outside the forum, and all sorts of things. It getting out of hand. We need moderators to ban these people. It would leave THT with more time to focus on more important things things than banning people.

My second reason is about management on the app. We need moderators on the app so we can get starter project up and running again. I have seen some amazing projects that should go up on starter projects. Yes, we have the @hopscotch-curators for featured and game changers but that’s pretty much it. This would also get the app flowing again, because at the moment it’s sort of slowed down. People aren’t feeling that they will get their project seen because there is only 2 things they can really get their projects on: featured and game changers.

My third reason is about hopscotch’s reputation. I have seen numerous projects that have had extremely inappropriate words and stuff in them. Yes they were reported instantly and taken down, but word still gets around. People at my school are talking about it, and I’m scared hopscotch is going to get banned. The same people are doing it, so if we get moderators that can delete profiles, there will be no more of this.

I hope this has persuaded you to bring back moderators or leaders. Thank you

~ Stal98





What does that mean??


tht definitely does not want to bring leaders back but ok keep begging


you all want operation leaders 2.0 to be a go-go but it’s a no-no! practically a no-show, or a no, don’t!!

okay im sick and tired of rhymin so let’s delve into “Why Not”

none of the people who were leaders really want to be leaders anymore, and I can’t see anyone else stepping up to take the mantle.

having leaders enforced a feeling of superiority and set up hierarchy’s. we haven’t totally overcome these barriers, but new leaders would just reinforce them.

tht has made it abundantly clear that they aren’t bringing leaders back, and if the dozens of pleading topics we launched then didn’t convince them, pretty much nothing will. except for maybe a virtual influenza epidemic, but we aren’t at that stage in science yet.

anyways, you all need to chill.


Same bro
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they would do this to me :(


Yeh i honestly have to agree with this.


I asked them about it during a FaceTime call, but it doesn’t seem like it would happen. I could be wrong, but I think that THT is worried that bringing back leaders right now would cause more problems then they solve. OnceUponATime brought up some important notes on how bringing back leaders could increase conflict.

This is really awesome! I’ve been keeping in touch with Liza about any rules broken on the forum as well. I’m trying to work towards Regular so I can get the extra abilities to help manage the forum.

I think that Liza wants users to help (like what Stal98 has been doing) keep the forum in check. Although the forum has its issues, and definitely can be improved, we all can work together to keep the forum safe and moderated.

This is really unfortunate. That’s why the report button is important, and it is good they are taken down quickly. But the truth is that in the internet, those type of people will always find a way to put up inappropriate stuff, no matter how well moderated it is. I’ve been on an educational Minecraft server, and despite the filters the server has, bad words and inappropriate things still get though. It is important to report it immediately.
Final Note

Before the Hopscotch Team considers adding leaders again, they want to make sure they can support the leaders. So when the Hopscotch team grows more, this may become a possibility. But until then, it is up to us to help make the Forum an awesome place.


If you still think bringing back leaders is something that should happen right now, I would suggest following some of the ideas I put in my topic (I think you saw it already though).


Yes i agree with this topic


If you want change to happen, maybe you could send an email to THT with a link to this topic saying that you agree with Stal98 and would like to have more moderation on the forum.


Well written! I think that you should email this to THT unless they see it here.


off topic but do you have discord? we can talk more on my gt


I’ve done that!
I asked them for some answers and whether they would do this or not.


Well this topic got people talking didn’t it?


I agree with what you’re saying. Overall, I think that there should be more of a presence from moderation, whether that be from leaders, interns, or THT.


Liza herself said that she would love to bring leaders back, though it may not happen any time soon. Leaders are hard to keep track of, and a lot of extra work for THT.


I agree! I would love to see mods and leaders back!