We should be able to share projects in Hopscotch! @Ian @Liza @asha please read this



If you wanted to make a group project instead of having to publish it a MILLION times you could just select certain Hopscotchers and the draft would go into their profiles. Don't you agree?


Sure! I totally agree. But wouldn't that take a lot of work for the people who makes new updates for Hopscotch?


I really like that idea I think it is awesome!


Really cool interesting idea.


That's a great idea! You should tell the hopscotch team!


Should I tell them by email? Or on this forum? Is there a difference?


Yeah that's great! I make projects for PopTart, Orange Scent, and others but I have to publish it over and over again! I totally agree!:information_desk_person:


@BraveDaisy Try email. They will be sure to read it! But, I've noticed that doing it through the app doesn't work for me... So go to your email app or website and enter help@gethopscotch.com


@SoapyBubbles Thanks! I will definitely email the HT!


That could be a bad idea because people could use it as spam or to say mean things about other hopscotchers although it could be a "privilege"


I think having an option to "accept" or "decline" the draft that someone else sent would be useful. Someone suggested this and all credit goes to them (I'm sorry I can't remember) so you could have something like:

A Hopscotcher wants to share a project with you!
Accept | Decline

And if you accept, the project can be opened in your drafts. I think it would be useful to have it added as a feature to publicly share projects, but it's true like @Gabe_N said, it could result in spam.


I like it but could be spam defiantly!