We Should Be Able To Change Our Home Page Character



You know when you wish you had a new character on your homepage? Like, I wish I had Bear instead of Cosmic Cody. I think we should be able to change them! Do you agree?


YES I think I agree. It takes more time to ask hopscotch to change your character. It's easier with a touch of a button.


I totally agree! I already have asked about it and they know. You can always email them and they will change it. But @LotsaPizza I would go to your email website or app and enter help@gethopscotch.com instead of going through the app since that doesn't always work. You'll know it works if you get an automated reply!


I agree lotsapizza also you might want to know that your location is on your home page.


I think we should be able to change avatars like we can change our names. We can just tap our avatar to change it. I hope they add that in the new update.


@LotsaPizza,I agree.I also think that we should be able to use pictures


That's a great idea! Using selfies or pictures just like on the forum?!?! Awesome!


Hey,Thanks @LotsaPizza


I agree, but hopscotch might not do it since people might put mature or innaproiate pictures.


Hey guys!
I just wanted to say this:

Yes, in the beta version, you'll be able to change your character!
Maybe the next mini-update??


But there could be restrictions like if someone tried to use an mature photo it could say "choose a different photo, that one is restricted


Yay! You can do this now on the new update