We really need new leaders


I hatw to bring this back but some events today shows that we really need new leaders and mods. There were probably five topics going around about suspension and they were heated. Did any member of tht try to either stop it, explain the truth or even be on? Nope. As a leader or moderator it is ur job to make sure the community runs smoothly but u actually have to be active. If I ever have a question that only a leader or mod can answer, they are never on or they never respond.
Kids need someone to look up to. A kid not an adult. The old leaders joke around ( @PopTart0219 and @Anonymous :wink:) while tht doesn't
With new leaders and mods, they will be able to moderate flags and close tings needed to be closed
Please spread the word of new leader and mods.
Please don't flag if u thought this was rude

Help me think of a hashtag

  1. Edited the title for grammar
  2. I agree, but topics like these have gotten closed


This is very true. I agree that either THT should be on more or they should try to add new mods.

The thing is, there shouldn't even be any fighting in the first place. :thinking:


Comment if u agree or disagree


I agree with you! We really need new leaders!


Well I understand but that is basically impossible. 1) that's basically telling humans to be perfect which we can't. 2) this is online so u might interpret something different than how it was meant

I wish nobody fought but that's not happening


Yeah but tht won't be on to close it. Thanks for editing title

And why close theses topics? I wasn't being rude, I was stating my opinion supported by facts


Actually, Rodrigo was on one Sunday


Wow so cool


Okay well still. What do they expect us to do on weekends? That is probably the most popular time to be on the forum


They expect for us to behave


Well that's not happening




As @Ella_13 said, the weekend is the most popular time that people are on. Some people take advantage of this, start flame wars, and no one on here is perfect. WE NEED LEADERS.


Because we aren't perfect. It's the internet so sowmtrhings u miss interpret something




I agree that there should be new leaders. (Not the @Liza kind of leaders, right?)


Like kid leader


Agreed. Without the child leaders the poor THT can't moderate everything.


I agree. While it WAS stressful for kids to handle the whole forum, I do think that we need them back.

THT isn't on over the weekend, when everyone here is on. Plus, they have the whole app to run, and to run the forum too is a LOT of work. Also, we need some mods that can suspend people when needed (this is not targeted to anyone I swear), approve flags, and other stuff.

Maybe we can start a "Leaders of the Day" thing, where THT selects hard-working members of the community to Lead the forum for the day. I might make a topic about this later, but I still think we need the Leaders back!