We need to stop hopscotch bully.ing!


I’ve seen something really mean on hs. A hopscotcher kept remixing and remixing a message that said “DONT PLAY THIS GAME! IT DOESNT WORK! DONT PLAY IT!” I felt bad when I read that because the creator must have worked hard on it, and she probably made a little mistake in the code.




What did I even do


That’s nice but please SBYP
There are several topics like this




Yeah, bully— ing is never okay and should be stopped immediately.




Just report the project


I did. And @Kitty4U, why do u keep saying no?




Please SBYP, because this topic has been made before.

But bully-ing should totally stop and is not okay!! I think being mean to one another is a) breaking the community gudelines, and b) something that should not be tolerated in the community.

If you see a mean project, report it! If you see a mean account, let THT know by emailing them! If you see a mean topic or reply, flag it ASAP, even if it already got flagged!!!


sbyp lol


and forum bull.ying


I agree! Since it is much easier to talk and reply on the forum I feel like people are mean.er here!
I see you are back…




Thanks but I was correct too



The author of several books
Several people arrived early
Several topics just like this

It works.

It literally just means less than many. So anywhere you can use many, you can use several. That screenshot really didn’t prove anything.


Hey Mya. Remember me? It’s Hatty… I got a Forum Account… Pretty cool, actually. I’m so Tired lol


This is my point. You can’t. You just contradicted yourself right here.