We need to make a Discourse plugin for Hopscotch blocks




If anyone has been over at the scratch forums, chances are that you have seen the scratchblocks plugin (if you haven’t, there is a demo here). It’s used a lot by the community and is very useful for explaining code, and is easier to use than taking screenshots.

I think that somebody needs to attempt to make a Discourse plugin for hopscotch blocks. I have no clue if this is even possible, but it’s a good idea and might help encourage people to help with code.

Only problem is, none of us has a discourse forum to test it on so it’s pretty much up to the hopscotch team.

Guides to making discourse plugins:

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@Ana and @awesomeonion (and anyone else from tht who sees this), what do you think?

  • Good idea, I think we can do it!
  • Good idea, but I’m not sure how we can achieve this.
  • I don’t think we need this.
  • Other (comment below)

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(also uhh if anyone knows HOW we can do this uhh
pls tell me)

Edits (these are important!)

EDIT 1: We are making a website now, not a plugin. We’d have no way of testing the plugin and a website is easier.

EDIT 2: The github repo and website are at the bottom of the post.

EDIT 3: No need to work on side projects, focus on the main repo

Repo and Website


First, we need to figure out what programming language discourse finds as acceptable, then we need to program the app, then just get a mod to let us test it out on the forum. It may be hard, but who cares.


I believe it’s Ruby, give me a few minutes


Ok, I’ll figure out how to implement plugins.


i edited OP with links


You wouldn’t happen to have a server we could use would you?


Not if you want to host Discourse
i’d use digitalocean for that
code can be stored on github since lots of us have that already


Yep, don’t worry. I have that. And we can ask any questions we might have on Discourse Meta.


Yep. First, we need to get this approved by THT.
It looks like plugins are made in JS, but it might be Ruby. Not sure, haven’t read closely enough


I’ll take care of that. Not to worry. I’ll see if they approve.


It looks like plugins are made in JS, but it might be Ruby. Not sure, haven’t read closely enough
nindroid is replying im kinda scared


It might be possible to make whitelisted css classes for div elements or something.

Like movement, looks and sounds, input, math operator, etc.

So to do 1 + 1 you’d put

<div class="math"><div class="input">1</div> + <div class="input">1</div></div>

Or something.


This is a great idea!
So we could type up code blocks? That would help in coding topics.


shouldnt be too hard
we can even use images if you dont mind hard coding a bit :p
i can ask if we can for k this
it’s pretty much the same design
oh wait no thats for djangobb or whatever oops

and yes youre very disturbing


Pretty much.

this is the s3blocks website. in the plugin there is also a menu to choose blocks.
check scratchblocks out at scratch.mit.edu/discuss if you have an account


This seems complicated!:crazy_face:


I overcomplicated it because I was making Hopscotch blocks. If you type Scratch blocks it’s much easier.


It’ll hopefully be easier when we finish it.


the scratchblocks plugin has a GUI dropdown thingy
if we made it it would probably be a button next to the image upload


I emailed THT. Hope they get back to me soon.