We Need Rules. (BADLY)


So... Let me just start off by saying this: WE NEED RULES. There is NO moderation here. There is too much getting off topic, bad words, mean comments etc. After THT demoted the leaders the forum fell apart. The forum is a complete MESS. We need mods and leaders back. THT NEEDS to make new rules and actually in force them!! If not we need to make them (after a lot of discussion and polls.)

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First like and reply! I don't think THT can moderate, but Hopscotchers can!


Funny!! And first vote?!?


I think there should be more leaders, but last time it wasn't that well moderated so maybe there should be stricter rules on what you can do as a leader/mod


Yeah that's what I was thinking.


I Completely agree with you. At first I was like "Oh stop worrying it will be fine." But now, Its getting way out of hand. We need leaders back. We need to get the rules out, and for once, actually follow them. (Im not saying that nobody follows the rules, just, you know.)


Well not just anyone can be a leader on the forums.


What we can do is to be a kind Forumer ourselves


Yeah. We can. But THT needs to make rules. Beacasue there is many HSer that are not good forumers.


If we have the same people in the same places it would be fine

And @Liza could you promote me back to reg.? I'm pretty sure I haven't been flagged 20 times in the past 50 days


Yeah I think so too!!


We should have a flag team. Lemme explain.
If there's an inappropriate topic a member of the team tags other members and if other members agree it should be flagged then they flag. And a bunch of flags on topic = atomatically closing. Ya


Let's not make this place like the YouTube community....
There's a team that flags videos wi bad words or profanity in them, which makes no sense.


If you think this is bad, you should've seen the forum half a year ago. :p


SeaWolfWereHorse and codelife incidents....


guys no need to bring up them

and no need to bring up all this "the forum is depressed!!" "oh sweet baby Jesus the dark ages are upon us!!" "we are falling apart!"

if y'all keep bringing attention to the areas of negativity, you'll forget the areas of positivity

okay please don't go and start talking about this whole positive is good!!!!!!! thing sorry


Oh gosh, I remember CodeLife. Remember the "hackers"? o.o



The forum was weird when that was a big trend. XD


Not too well, but--
OOOH yeah CodeLife "hacked" SGS and started posting rude things.


why did you like that cringey post oh my cod

i was so ignorant back then it's hilarious