We need real, honest, kind, helpful, kind, non-offensive, not power abbusive, not easily offended, gives chances to talk, true LEADERS!


I just came back from reading the topic about user-levels and learned that to be a leader, someone should make you a leader! The admins are the ones to ask! Like @alish, @Liza, and a lot more! Anyways, someone around here needs to be a leader. Especially the true, honest, intelligent, nice, and kind! The guys who know how to T.H.I.N.K!


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Offensive? I don't know. I'm seriously pointing at the previous ones. :worried:


I'm seriously not!:cold_sweat:


Lots of people want me to be a leader. But I think we have enough leaders for now, i don't know........


Don't worry sweetheart! You'll get to that!:wink:


I agree with @RubyWolf ......


I wonder who changed the name :triumph:


Let's just say that we need the ones we can truly ask lots of geeky, nerdy, smart stuff.


Well @Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous @PopTart0219 have always been friendly and supportive to me.
I can't fault any of them while they have been leaders.
I can ask geeky questions that @oio would most likely only know the answer too


I don't wonder why she's a leader.


To ask advice at drawing, you can ask @PopTart0219
To ask advice at 2.5D stuff, you can ask.... I don't know.... @MagmaPOP
See, everyone has their own talents and purpose!



I changed the title to We need LEADERS!:D I'm sorry if you didn't want it like that


We can always have leaders,but we can't find REAL leaders


The problem in the user-level system is that it counts on how long have you been here and how long you've been posting, not by being helpful! Especially in the Leader level. The admins are the one who decides! And sometimes, unwarily, they choose the wrong ones! (no offense :wink:)


You should make a topic"Hopscotch members skill list"
And have everyone list what they think are their best abilities. Etc, pixel art,music, AI
Make a list and edit it with info each user gives.
When someone needs help with something this will show who they should ask.


Here's a email they sent me about leaders


Hey, how did you send that?!


Good idea @Stradyvarious. But, why me? that's your idea.
Anyways, I'm just a basic user. You're the Regular here


Most users give likes but don't want to talk to me for some reason.