We need more leaders!



So I know there is a topic sorta like this but we need more leaders! Because what's happening!

So many people are joining and some are spamming people who need to be suspended

There is so many topic that leaders half to watch!

Topics that need to be closed because the problem is solved!

Whew that is a lot that of stuff that needs to be handled by more then 3 people!:sweat: I am sweating right now reply what you think!

Why did this get closed @PopTart0219?


Maybe. Just let Liza and the Hopscotch team work it out.


Well maybe in a few months, because they just promoted some. But soon there will be new leaders, just not now :wink:


Yeah I agree let's ask the experts and see if they need help calling



I think we should wait and let @staff figure out the new leaders


I agree with @smishsmash. I love your profile picture @smishsmash! I have a panda one too. I am obsessed with pandas!
There are a few people that I think definatley deserve to be leaders though...


Who do you think? I think you!


Yes I agree @SmileyPanda a lot of people are worthy of becoming leaders but let's not stress the @staff out on getting more and more leaders so quickly, they will decide when


Yeah calling

@staff do you think there should be more?


Yeah, maybe a couple more to keep HC under control


Thanks @Huggingfluffybear! I'm not even a regular though, still a member.
A lot of people deserve to, but I think @SmilingSnowflakes definitely deserves it. She seems to be on every chat I look at! She's always ready to help out too!


Yeah because it's crazy now!


I agree,@smilingsnowflakes is so kind to others and she is very helpful


Who is @staff?
(Ugg, says I need at least 20 characters to send this. Ok, this counted. Now it should send)


It's a group that has Liza Ian buildasnowman ect!


Oh! So I group chat with all the leadership? That makes sense.


Yep, the leaders and moderators are in that group so you don't have to tag them all....


Oops, I meant leaders. Auto correct is so annoying sometimes!


Yes just like there is
@moderators also! And @everyone <-- everyone that does not work!


Oh. We should let the hopscotch team deside when we need more leaders. After all, not everyone can be a leader! Then being a leader not would not even a privilege anymore!