๐Ÿ—ฃ We need Mini-Games ๐ŸŽฎ (And a skilled coding partner) ๐Ÿ‘ท


Hi, This is Yusa,

Some of you probably know of a collab @AHappyCoder and I are working called The Natural Disaster Project. We wanted your input on what we should put into our amazing game. We want input on not only Mini-Games, but also tweaks that will help give the project a more natural feel to it. Please answer as many questions as you can AND MAKE SURE TO QUOTE THE QUESTIONS YOUR ANSWERING

Question one:
What mini-games are you interested of us putting into our game? Mini-games must be related to Earthquakes.

Question two
What mini-game should go here. Remember, Mini-games must be related to earthquakes.

Question three
From the screenshots below, what would make the game feel more natural to you?

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What do you think you are best at in coding?:

Hopscotch Username:

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Finally, a like from someone! Hi @yaygirls Can you please give some input?


I think that what you can do to make it more natural, is maybe add some grass? I am not really a good coder, so you might not want to have imput from me :frowning:


@yaygirls Can you tag someone you know to give input too?


Sure thing! @HopscotchRemixer, @William04GamerA, @Stal98 and @Petrichor. Can you guys help with input for @Yusamac205โ€™s project?


@yaygirls Thanks, also, I really think you should get Hopscotch back.


Hmm. My dad doesnโ€™t want to pay for it anymore. Also, thereโ€™s not much to do on Hopscotch! It is fun to make games on, but not really the atmosphere. Thanks for paying attention though.


What atmosphere? What would make it easier to code in?


@minioncandy @HopedHoper @sophia71205 @photographer123 Hi! I know your a good judge, can you give ideas too?


@Fluffymarshmellow Can you give me some minigame ideas or something here? Check out the first post.



You could make one where your in a building when a earthquake hits and your trying to escape. Kinda like geometry dash.


@Fluffymarshmellow Um, I donโ€™t think we will be able to do thatโ€ฆ The user is founder of a rescue team in thisโ€ฆ



Just a suggestion.


@Fluffymarshmellow Tag your friends, maybe they have ideas


Theyโ€™ll probably hate me but who cares.


@Stal98 @Gobli09 @PaperBagHat_meep I saw you liked this, any input?


When u say input do u mean ideas??


@Stal98 read the first post.


Doneโ€ฆ alright, um
Add a good screenshot at the start of the game (by screenshot I mean when you open up the game and you are on the start menu or whatever make it attractive)


I got some more ideas comin for earth-quake related mini games