We Need Another Category



We need another category. I'm bored around here. No one really asks for help anymore, but instead there's contests and collabs. That's why I'd like to make a new category:

The help category

Oh wait, we already have one, don't we? Well, instead, we'll rename it to

The other category

And make another

help category

So, there will be two (three if you're a regular) categories: help, other and lounge (if you're a regular)!

The purpose of another help category is to filter out collab, contest, etc. topics with actual help topics so people who need help will get help faster! I, for one, would love this addition so I don't have to scroll through the home page and look for topics with people that actually need help!



We need an exclamation point for this topic!


@Stick88, thanks, but I don't like to add punctuation in my topics! :slight_smile:


Oh, ok! :smile:


That's a great idea!

Maybe you could email the hopscotch with your great suggestions!


That's an awesome idea!! :D


I've sent the email! I hope Liza thinks about it :slight_smile:


And random if you are a modarater or maybe just leader :wink:



I hope Liza listens


That's why we have #tags, so that it can be easier found xD

Just search #help in the tags xD

Or just click teh link http://forum.gethopscotch.com/tags/help


I found these topics in your so-called #help XD


Accidentally added then un-added xD
Good idea!


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Awesome topic! :D

Here's a :D.
Gives :D.


I didn't see it. :P


Yeah, I agree, there should be another category that very one can access, like


Ooh, a random category, going to do a test topic, bye!


Already have that.


There isn't anyone that actually needs help in this.


Forgot #help doesn't just lead to topics with the tag help xD


(more like photohandgrenade though)


I talked about this with Liza yesterday! Awaiting a response XD