We need an offtopic branch!





offtopic is for random forum games and other things, misc to hopscotch.


Why would we need this @ProgrammingChicken?


But if we did
1⃣ what if things got inappropriate? I've been on to forums: CBBC and Mossi, the forum isn't ran by hopscotch and is by discourse, it would be wasting their time
2⃣ hopscotch forum and a designed for questions and things hopscotch, the forum would be clogged up by crazy imagine...
The forum would be so big (like hospcotch) and get really messy!
So I'm trying to make it easy to find what we want ASAP
(sorry if it sounds harsh! I'm not trying to be!🤓


A new CATEGORY with the name 'Offtopic'.
You would want it because sometimes your conversations get, well, offtopic.
The same base rules apply to the forum branch too, so even if it got inappropriate, it would be dealt with accordingly by the moderators.


See thing above this post.