We have to leave…



…every once in a while this summer! We are going to lots of summer camps.

July 11–July 15 (?): Girl Scout Camp (girl), Baseball Camp (boy)?
August 13/14–August 17/18: Art Camp (girl)
August/July 17 & 18/19: Baseball Camp (boy)?
A few others, I have to get ready now, it's my first day of the first camp. And this is the girl's camps, bye, it's the girl speaking.



To the boy: Next time, please log off of this account before I use it!

It's tankt2016 here.


Have fun at the camps! :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah, this is actually me, the boy just didn't log out of it and I made it on the wrong account.


Thank you for the nice topic, girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


Will you both still be able to do the contest? The seasons contest. It will be sometime in August


I hope we will. :D


Hehe! Thx :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I think we will!

If we bring the iPad on the first week of August.

We are going to the beach.


Why. You. Scare. Me. Frenpais?!


Have an awesome summer!


You too!