We have the right


Ok that's ur opinion.


I'm waiting for the mods to come and do somethin


That's awesome @CreativeCoder but in this topic I'm bringing up the facts of religous rights.


That's not true. I see you haven't said the nicest words today. I'd suggest you take a little break and come back when you feel calmer.


The main reason that that is, then, is because it got very flamey before, and we don't really want another flame war about it...


I, personally, would go the other way not stoping until we can speak freely.


K hope your "insults" make you feel better



dont think ur invisible I can see u


Good for you I'm just putting my opinion out

I have the right to disagree also




Hopscotch Enterprises is a private company that runs the Hopscotch Forum so it's their (and the mods' since they haven't been demoted yet) right to enforce rules you or I don't agree with (which is plenty in my case) in their property.


Then why did you ask me


Um I didn't ask you anything. All I did was inform u with a statement. No question marks. You were the one who responded.


Bye I need to go I'll be on tommorow. Maybe.


I know you didn't ask me literally but the way you posted it is asking for me to respond. Questions don't have to have question marks, the way you say it impacts the meaning.


Lol ok then goodbye 10 year old


The mods are not allowed to do things that are based on differing opinions such as suspend people or change bios or whatnot.


Ooh someone is salty

You sound like a 10 year old who plays minecraft every day


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@Over_powered_wizard1, please remember to think about how others will feel when reading your posts. :) Some things posted here are disrespectful. @Anonymous is a great person, so please don't try to defame him or say things that could be taken offensively to him. Just a reminder! See our Community Guidelines for more info of these types of things. :smile: