We have the right


Everyone knows we can't talk religiously on the forum.
But, in America we have the right of free speech.
We have the right to talk any way we want.
So is it not taking a valued right away?



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@ButterBark stands with me s/he says #wehavetheright


Freedom of speech is more you can express your opinions without the government coming to get you... It's kinda different on the forum.


Well I mean your talking about a fourm website for 7-12 year olds.
but I do agree we have freedom of speech, you should not be censored on the internet.


Here, it's more like the mods coming for you XD


I wasn't bringing up this idea to make it so we can curse.


I do think we can curse on other websites, just not on here because.... yea.


I also stand, tho. #wehavetheright


Not necessarily cursing


Okay, thanks!! (Also I am a she thanks)


ehh I want to see other peoples opions!
(im sorry)

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A good thread to read through kinda about this...



I curse so it's not really bad


Ok that's ur opinion.


I'm waiting for the mods to come and do somethin


That's awesome @CreativeCoder but in this topic I'm bringing up the facts of religous rights.


That's not true. I see you haven't said the nicest words today. I'd suggest you take a little break and come back when you feel calmer.


The main reason that that is, then, is because it got very flamey before, and we don't really want another flame war about it...


I, personally, would go the other way not stoping until we can speak freely.


K hope your "insults" make you feel better



dont think ur invisible I can see u