We have a hacker/hater... (READ NOW!)



I was on the MagmaPOP Tribute about an hour ago everything was fine so i got off of my iPad to do some work and i come back just now and whoa! The name changed, projects got deleted and replaced with mean ones (i deleted them) and there was alot of bad stuff. (It wasn't me I love MagmaPOP) anyways there apparently was a hacker/hater on that account that did some really bad stuff so if it was you speak up now! Oh and if your wondering why i didnt send THT an email it's because i didn't know who it was


Btw i changed the name again to MagmaPOP Tribute


Yikes! This is really bad.

Even if you didn't know who it is, you should still definitely alert THT. Making topics like this give the bully attention the want. I hope it doesn't happen again! :wink:


Why would this topic close in 21 minutes?

@PopTart0219 was it u?


Hehe (glares at PT)

Probably because like I said, it gives the person attention.


Aahh! Don't give the hacker the attention it wants. Instead, take safety procedures to make sure this doesn't happen again. What could a group member do differently next time?

Do not share your password in any way, shape, or form

@Follow4LikesOfficial I'm lazy and I like auto-close :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, but why 19 minutes? Why not just close it now? :stuck_out_tongue:


I got my hater back again in the Hopscotchers tab :stuck_out_tongue: I might as well say it since this topic's going to close anyways


Probably so anyone can give any final words or tips in about the topic before it closes.



Also it closes at 2:00 (14:00), that's why it's in 12 minutes @Follow4LikesOfficial


You should email the Hopscotch team about the hater/hacker. It sounds really bad:(


Est: 2:00
Pacific: 1:00?


I think 2 for eastern is 11 for Pacfic, and 1 for Central.


EST at least


Eastern 2:00
Central 1:00
Mountain 12:00 pm
Pacific 11:00 am


Why are we talking about what time this will close? XD


Arghh thats whats giving people attention! Someone maybe the creator of that acc jost posted the user and password its in published. Should i unpublish it


Because we are. Now we have seven minutes. Hooray.


No matter what time zone, 8 minutes! So whatever time it is in 8 minutes, thats when it will close. Problem solved :wink: