We got a problem

I know that we’re definitely not new to hopscotch but we are to the forum. It’s 2017 and our name on the forum is Earlystudios2017. When the new year comes, we’ll need to change our name on forum to Earlystudios2018. The thing is, it won’t let us change our name. I’m not sure if that’s a bug in the forum or something they have not added. Please tell us if there is a way to fix this problem and thx :sunny:.


I think you can ask a mod to change it


I don’t think its allowed unless you ask. I think a specific trust level can change their own names.


Will that mean I’ll have to work on my trust level to change the name?


No, a mod can, as Gobli said.


While mods can change names, it is very rare that they do because it can break the tags (@these_things). Very new users can change their own name as there would be not as many tags.


Please don’t make duplicate topics.

Make a new account. That’s what I had to do to change my name.

You cannot change your name, unfortunately. This was done purposely because the forum would glitch if you could.

Mods can change names, but they only do it if a name is inappropriate. And no, you cannot become a mod unless you’re part of THT.


It’s definitely possible, but only a mod or higher is able to change it for you. However, changing your name causes a lot of issues and lag with the forum, so it’s not usually done. I’ve only seen it done for an experiment, around 2 years ago.


Changing your username is removed from the forum because it mucks up the notification system. A few years ago, I found this trick to changing your username. Sadly, They made sure you can’t do that either. I did it by going on Discourse (a forum similar to hopscotch) and I went to the name changing section. I looked at the link and copied it into the hopscotch forum. I wish it still worked!!!


Does it matter?

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