We (GG111 and HS King) do Emoji Requests! (And they're GIFS!) for Forum profile Pictures, etc!



Just tell me a description of somebody you know or yourself (I only do humans at the moment) and I will make that emoji for you! Example: this is Me (in emoji that I've created XD)


Oh and they're emoticon GIFs as well :wink:


Thanks for inviting me @GamerGirl111!
Sure I will request
I have brown curly hair
Blue eyes
Pale skin
Ya, thanks!

Make Smishy Die...LIVE :000 (giving compliments to smishy show with host Disky :D)

I will request!!
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Very pale skin


@smishsmash 's request!
Please tell me if u want anything else (wrinkles, freckles, etc)


That's ok!
I love it!
Thank you @GamerGirl111! :D


:smiley: thanks! Go nuts! Do what you want with the photo XD


Your welcome! I will!


@Kitkat26 's request!
Tell me if u want anything else.

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


GUYS please tell me what nose, ears, skin, eyes, emoticon and lips u have! Also what type/colour hair u got! That way, I can make a more accurate emoji for you!

Also, tell me if you want a filter, etc.
Also, tell me if you want bags under your eyes, freckles, cheek bones, wrinkles, dimples, etc.

Thanks XD


I have peachy skin and light brown eyes. My hair is really dark brown, parted to the side, it's straight/kind of wavy, and it's medium-short for length. My nose is normal and my lips are normal as well.


Oh! Can I be smiling? @GamerGirl111


@UndertaleTacoz 's request! If you want your :eye: colour changed cuz you didn't request it so I just made it black XD

Hope u like XD


I have brown hair and peach skin, no freckles, no dimples, no braces, no glasses, a nose curved like this: ) if facing <--- this direction. My eyes are blue-green, and my hair is basically @smishsmash's. My ears stick out more than I'd like them to, and I would be really happy, also my lips are just normal lips.


She said light brown eyes.


Sorry. Will make eyes


Fixed eyes


a derp. any way.


@undertaletacoz fixed eyes


Thank you! I like it :3