We do not need to know!



Hey guys, I've changed my name to Tropicalkiwi​:cherry_blossom:
This is a coding app, which can be used for coding, drawing. Giving announcements are fine, it might tell about your art club, a reason why you're not on (like having cancer) so on. But we don't need to know that your grandfathers dead or that your best friend is moving- it's no point doing it. You want pity, you'll get it. But that's not what hopscotch is for. A project saying your grandfathers dead is on trending. But why. Coz it has likes, and remixes. Hope you all understand.




I feel like some of those words were directed at me and @i.is.an.anonymous (choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~)

Can I just say, people needed to know why she was leaving. I sort of feel insulted. Cancer is not a joke. She has two types of cancer, and she did not do it for likes, or remixes. Don't you think she would much rather have her amazing art be on Trending, rather than a message saying that she's leaving?

I do see your reasoning, however. I agree with you! People should stop doing this for attention.

EDIT: Sorry! Totally took this the wrong way... This is a good topic!


No! I said the total opposites! It was not aimed at you. I said that if that is a reason you are not on, it's fine. Please don't get upset, if you look on my profile, you will see a message sent to your friend Mi. I'm very sorry if I insulted you. I will delete this straightaway if you would like. You are my idol, no joke.
It's amazing how you even are talking to me!


Yeah! I'm sick of it, sometimes I feel like they're making it all up so people feel bad for them.


No, don't delete it. It's a good topic. Many people abuse the kindness of the community for stuff like this. I personally feel that it's a waste of time; if you're going to be known on Trending in the HS community, it's best to be known for your talent as a Hopscotcher. Not a news reporter or a sob-story author.
And it feels weird to be called someone's idol... No offense!

Thank you for the clarification! I appreciate and accept the apology.


Someone keeps remixed my draw pad saying inappropriate stuff. And then about 20 people remixed that saying they were so sorry for them. Then I had to spend 45 minutes finding them all and reporting it all. It's better if people just keep things to themselves sometimes! :wink:


Thanks you so much, pleeassse can we be friends @XiaoMiaoMi


Is this directed at me? This is insulting... Sigh...


I used to do those a lot, but I decided to only do them if I have to announce something important. I try to include some form of code and hopscotch related announcements. When people ask for pity, it's not something that deserves to be on hopscotch. If it's like this
Hi guys! My grandfather passed away recently, so I won't be on too often. I'm also working on new projects that you may spot, so keep an eye out!


THANKS SO MUCH. This makes me feel real great. (Sorry if I sound rude) I didn't mean for that to get on trending... And I needed support... Sorry if I annoyed anyone... It just doesn't feel nice to know that people think that the worst time in my life is junk.


I'm so sorry! I really didn't mean this to insult you! I'm so so so terribly sorry. I know I have upset a few people but I'm only telling my honest opinion!
Again sorry.