We can get better


guys. we can be so much better. People may disagree with this, but what I think is that we shouldn't spam flag unrelated topics, especially ones made by new users. We should not joke about the 13+ Rule, or tease younger users. This is a forum to talk about what you are coding. Some people I have seen have been posting very inappropriate posts. Many users spam flag or vote the worst option on your poll because they think it is "fun". Please think about how it may harm the person on the other side of the screen before posting anything that can be taken as offensive or mean. this is just my opinion. Post what I should change!
Tagging fwends/ senpais



Out of likes le gah


Can i use that in my i am sad topic pls !
And thx for the senpai pist


Ya... um 20 characters


Ya sure! Lol u r senpaiiiiiii+


Nope only if u insist,,....


I insist. Now r u happy?!


4 likes in 3 min. Wow.


frowns overs screen fine...


Lol lets GBOT lel


I agree. It is a rule, but we should take it seriously because rules are rules : D


I agree with you. Great topic!


I am young! (9 years old!)
Just like u!


Aww u my senpai!!!


I agree.
New users don't know the rules good.
Thanks for tagging me as fwend/senpai!


Who is senpai?
But yes u is senpai.


Me agree!

I just woke up fren :3


There isn't anything you should change! I agree (can't find the right emoji or text face for this)