We are the Hopscotch Mystery Solving Team! (HMST)


So here you are, thinking to yourself, hey, I saw this weird thing in hopscotch! Example, someone just joined and immediatly gets leader on the forum!!! That's crazy right? And we're here to help! You see, Anytime you have a question like that, you just come strait to this topic!! So I am the Leader of this team, and here's how the roles work:

There only one leader: ME!! (Oh and also @QueenShaeShae)

Co-Leader will be decided at a later point

Sorry, no regular spots!

apply for being a member below! We have 4 spots open!

And apply for being a basic member below! We have 10 spots open!

After being here for a while, you can ask me to promote you. If I say yes, then you will be promoted!

Note: anyone can ask a question, even if your not a basic!

So come on down!

All spots:

Leader (Full)

1.) @Zachyswag
2.) @QueenShaeShae


Co-Leader will be decided at a later point

Regular (Full)

2.) @RubyStars
3.) @MobCraft
4.) @YuxinaYammy


1.) @KoolM123
2.) @BellaWafflez17
3.) @Snoopy
4.) @Potter_Head
5.) Open
6.) Open


1.) Open
2.) Open
3.) Open
4.) Open
5.) Open
6.) Open
7.) Open
8.) Open
9.) Open
10.) Open

I forgot to mention, if you join, you will be tagged a lot, so be prepared for that! :wink:

BTW: shoutout to @QueenShaeShae for coming up with the whole idea in the first place!

Hmmmm... Suspicious featured game [Solved]

What should we do?


Just say which job you want to apply for!


I read the other topic XD
Can I join? I can be anything- Regular, Member, whatever- as long as I'm not needed 24/7 XD


Co-leader? if not, regular


You choose! I can't decide for you!


No co-leaders yet. They will be the people promoted from regular, which won't be for a while!


Ok! I'm putting you as regular now!


Ok regular


Okay! I'll be a Regular, but if it takes to much of my time, I might ask to be demoted to member. Is that okay? :D


Same here,
I am 11 and go to school, I am going on a cricket gala day today...


Yeah! I can demote later if you want! I'm adding you now!


Me too, so not even I can be on 24/7


Oh, lol I thought that u were one of those, 'always on' peeps


@Zachyswag, I think its only fair that I get to be Co-leader er Co-founder bc I did come up with the HMST...


Yeah, I guess you did make the idea! How about there's just 2 leaders, since we were both half!


Yeah thats cool!! As long as I get some credit!! Thx!!


You're officially leader #2!!
(That came out wrong)


Let me rephrase! Your now the other leader!


Thanks so much @Zachyswag!!