We are on the forum!


Hi everyone,

We are now on the forum, tag us a @Artists_And_Coders if you have a question about our collab!


Hi! If I may ask, who is in your collab?


Hi @WynterDiamond !! Thx for the welcome :two_hearts:

Here’s a list of some our members:

  • lemonygem (creator of the forum acc) or LG
  • Dog_With_A_Pen or DWAP
  • PinkCupcake8 or PC8
  • Dead_Red or QE
  • LeafyGreen or ℓg
  • OfficialHopscotchRemixer or OHR
  • Illustrator or Illu
  • Me_Wonder_About_Whales or MWAW
  • Summer🐺 or ??

And others! Sorry if I forgot some~ ^//^;;

~PC8 (Note to our other members!! Pls sign off w/ your hop initials when you post like in drafts! Also, pls edit yourself in if I forgot you ^//^ thx!!)


Hello and welcome to the forum!


Hi! Thank you ^///^

~ PC8


Hi! It’s great to have you on the forum! :slight_smile:


Helllllooooooooo @Artists_And_Coders imageimageIMG_0164imageimage

RANDOM THINGS with cats and Doughnuts.


Hello! Welcome to the forum!