We Are Learning Code In My School!


Okay, I got an email on my school email. It was by my teacher who teaches my English class and Computers class. She is teaching the 5th grade (my grade) Code!
I emailed her, telling her about Hopscotch and Scratch. She said she's never seen anyone so excited!
And wow, I feel really advanced now. :sweat_smile: I walk in hyped, and we start just playing with turn and move forward blocks to get the angry bird to the pig in a maze. :/ Everyone in my class is having so much fun and I'm bored out of my mind! Hopscotch has taken me far.
My teacher knows about Hopscotch (And Scratch) and I am hyped for this year, it just may take some time till we are doing things at my skill level. She's asked me to play around on the site and tell her what different courses the class should try. Btw, the thing we are using looks a lot like Scratch, it's Code.org. But, yeah!

Sorry about the category, but what other category would I put it in? X(D


Congratulations, If bet that's super fun!

And I've done code.org before, it gets really fun and hard soon. :smile:



Don't quote


@Dude73 good. X(D!
Literally all it was is that basically a maze, you just had to specifically tell it what to do, step by step.


Yeah, there's some cool themes you can try as well. :smile:


@Dude73 I saw a Minecraft one...
anyway, this topic was just an announcement! Who knows, my teacher might be playing a Magmapop game right now, lol.


Cool!!! @Hoppertoscotch


I was learning code in class! I was like yeahhhhhh I know what to do! (I'm on scratch too :D)


Your so lucky you get to code in school! Last year in my computers class we only did scratch for only one class :confused: I wish there was more coding in school. Schools should incourage coding! :D


Similar thing here... I did a bit of Scratch then we moved on right when I started getting comfortable :frowning:

Then it was all Python


Also congratuthatscoollations!


@Madi_Hopscotch_ I know how it feels. I thought the day would never come. At least you don't need school to have Hopscotch.
(My finger hurts from typing....)


Yeah! More coding! There should be a class just for coding maybe. :3


@KVJ lol, my teachner is doing Scratch for 6th grade. Ugh soooo jealous X(D


ಠ`⌒‘ಠ not fair...

Jk :joy:


I did scratch this year in 6th grade XD


@RubyWolf1 lol what...? Do we go to the same school and not know it? Do you know of a fifth grader named Erica? (Me) X(D


I dunno. I have no idea what the 5th graders names are XD


Well, if you find out about the fifth grader's names, please tell me if there is an Erica, X(D




Yes! People should learn more about code!