We are Friends!


Hello! This is a... FRIEND topic! You tell each other your hobbies, and make friends!




Okay all posts are deleted


I draw anime, write, and read a lot.


Same thing! Except I draw in... um... my style!


Did u make your profile picture? Just wondering.


I procrastinate and pandiculate and programme.

Has this been done before?


I wish. Then I could eat it!


IDK. It didn't say anything was similar when I typed the title.


I put up that pic because... Idk. We're talking about food and it's SO cute!


I think there is a Find a Fren topic


This isn't. This was made so people would know what to post.


It cake!


I procrastinate and do absolutely nothing


And if you have a comfy bed that I can sleep on, an iTunes gift card, food and a good wifi connection, we are officially friends

all that stuff is for me duh


I mean, the more you know about the person, the more caution you can take. Like, if someone was allergic to peanuts, and you posted a 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' gif, the might be offended. (That usually doesn't happen in laif, but V(^_^)V)


Woah, draw anime? You animate anime?!


I don't animate it. I just draw it. I usually call it manga, but most people call it anime, so I did it that post.


What's the difference between manga and anime? Do you know?


I think they are the same, but some people say manga is just drawing it and anime is animated manga. Idk. I think they're the same!