We are adding two new Categories to the forum!


Dear Hopscotchers:

Thank you for your ideas on improving the forum. Read on to learn about the changes we’ve made.

  1. The Problem: If you’re new to the forum, it’s overwhelming and it’s difficult to know where to get help. You’re likely to post your question without knowing that it’s been answered many times before which is frustrating for forum regulars.

The Solution: You’re getting a new category called Frequently Asked Questions. This should make it easier for newcomers to get answers to their questions without the more experienced Hopscotchers getting burnt out answering the same thing over and over.

How you can help: Help get this started by finding topics that belong here and moving them into this category.

  1. The Problem: The “Random Stuff” category is for ideas about Hopscotch that might not fit elsewhere, that’s useful! Unfortunately, Random Stuff has been taken over by too many General Topics (GTs). GTs are a good way to make friends with potential collaborators, but there are too many and they’re crowding out more relevant topics.

The Solution: You’re getting a new category called General Topics. All GTs will go here and they’ll be capped at one per user. You can make a new one only when your old topic reaches the post limit.

How you can help: If you have a General Topic, please transfer it to this category.

Thank you!
Ana and The Hopscotch Team


Thanks so much for making these categories!

What if someone has a general topic and it’s too old for them to edit? I’m guessing they’ll need to tag a regular?




Want me to move yours?


I already did, but thanks for offering!


Cool! :cowboy_hat_face:


Most likely. I’ll be switching as many as possible. Though I’ve run out of edits so could someone change mine? @Themasterofairjitzu’s top topic.



That just happened to me. But other than that, thank you so much @Ana and the rest of THT that is involved with this for making the new categories! They will surely be helpful.

@Petrichor Can you move my GT:s? The most active one and used (from May 2016) is first, but if you can move both of my general topics, it would be awesome.


I would but it’s not working for me also



If you already have two GTs, can both of them stay or…?


Only regulars can edit titles or recategorize topics, even if they’re wikis.


What? D’ya want me to move it to the GT category?


@ItzMya already did, thank.


For everyone’s info I gave Ana this idea, not to take all credit though



back into collabs


Ah yes. Instead of fixing some of the actual problems, introduce a “solution” that really won’t fix much.


Thanks for creating these categories! They should be really helpful!


Why did you do that? I’d recommend moving it into #gt.


I rebel!!!


This isn’t a Rebellion this is an Empire.