We all make mistakes 😭


I'm sorry for being rude. I'm sorry for being sensitive. But my friends hate me. I'm thanking the lord my friend didn't brake my nose


You are not ugly, rude, or embarrassing! You are a great person and everyone makes mistakes!


Let me ask a preliminary question - not at all sarcastically - how old are you?


Why would you need to know that?


I can't answer that. And I don't wanna die. Sorry :joy: My 16 year old cousin put that. You should follow her! Her username is Doodling Dreamer







Well long story short

Someone felt sad but now feels happy!


Actually... My nose is bruised


Ok! I just wanted to know to illustrate a point - you are probably young. I know you aren't an adult, at least :stuck_out_tongue: So I know that whatever happens to you in this grade or today or next week or whenever, will probably mean nothing to you in a few years. Sure, you're gonna feel down sometimes, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And the great part about being a kid is that you can make a lot of those mistakes and be sad sometimes without any real consequences. So just try to have fun and be happy :smiley:


Oh yeah

You okay?

Wait GTG


Yeah. But I am leaving hopscotch for a little because of school. But my nose is SOOO bruised



I feel different after reading that!

In a good way


It's fine



Well done, BAS, Well done.

That almost made my cri ;u;


@GracefulIcing1 chill for a moment
You can eat a Popsicle!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gracie, of course we forgive you! You take as much time as you need for your break, but we'll miss you around here. I hope you make some amazing friends, and have fun. :smile:


"When I was young, I gets angry over things that I now sees as nothing."
@StarryDream's mum


And this is why BAS is a mod


We all make mistakes - I think of you as an awesome person that is kind and positive!