Ways YOU can make money to pay for the subscription!



Here are some ways you can make money to pay for the subscription!

Before I start I wanted to say I'm sorry to the people who don't live in the US and maybe don't understand dollars I feel really bad I'm so sorry!!

1.Making and Selling!

You can make something and sell it to your friends or family! You can make lemonade or cupcakes! If you sell cupcakes for $2 each then with 4 cupcakes you can pay for s month of subscription!

2.Ask your parents!

Just ask. Beg. Plead. Go insane. Just go insane.

But really make a deal with your parents like you'll do the dishes for a week!

3. Loaning Money!

Loan some money from a friend or family member! Just make a small loan of a million dollars!

4. Splitting the deal!

Make a deal with your friend and use your allowance to split it! One friend can pay $4 and the other can pay $4! So you get your money ready and pay!

Post your ideas below!
If you are like me, just mow grass, weed eat grass, etc. And earn money from that. - F_i_t_S
Ask me for money-TRB
Have a family garage sale, with everyone getting a share of the money, and use your share to get the subscription! -TFS
Put money on your holiday or birthday wish list! -TFS
become a temmie-HK
If you're a music producer like me, sell your music online into a PayPal (which will probably an accepted payment type!)
Create a presentation for your parents about what Hopscotch has done for you and how the subscription will improve Hopscotch for you and also talk about how the HS team will be earning money for their hard work. Put a lot of effort into your presentation so you can wow them (instead of going insane). If they think that you really care about HS and are dedicated they will most likely agree to pay for some, if not all, of your subscription. Or they might find chores for you to do in exchange for $$ (like doing dishes, laundry, mowing). If they say "No" don't get mad. Listen and understand instead of going INSANE INSANE INSANE xD. Your parents might not have enough money for Hopscotch right now. If they can't get you any cash at all, go and present your speech to your grandparents!-AJE/J4J

SWAGBUCKS: It's a thing online where you get money for just taking online surveys and watching videos! Try it, it's cool!

So apparently no one understands these little things soooo

AJE/J4J-@AwesomeJediE/@Jedi4Jesus (Wait why are we abbreviating stuff? xD)

I'm sorry, but I just gotta say this
The freezers and fridges club!

YUS! YUS! YUS! Join me in insanity!


Wait...this just gave me the BEST idea yet!
Sell moi music!


*pulls out hair
*twitches eye
INSANE INSANE INSANE! :stuck_out_tongue:


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I can't I have in game purchases turned off on mine

Literally crying 😭😭😭

@NiftyNia75 this isn't a good idea.





And yeyeyayay @Snoopy!


It's suppose to be a joke but for that offer your parents something! Like a chore!


I have -10 dollars....

Really Thats how much I owe my parents


The "Beg. Plead. Go insane. Just go insane." was (probably) mostly a joke. But asking your parents if they will pay for it is fine.


I have 5000 dollars. But I'm not gonna spend that all on Hopscotch.


XD!!!! My dad owes my $40...from 3 years ago ;-;


can i have dat?






No. It's my money.


I just noticed Gary in your profile pic


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