Ways to reduce lag when using "Bumps"


The less text/objects you have on the screen, the less lag you will have when using Bumps.

Instead of using large shapes for floors/walls or whatever that are going to be "Bumped" into, just make a text outline of the shape you want.
Then use a trail to fill the empty space in The shapes outline.
Then hide the text with colors or a percentage of invisibility.

I made this post because I noticed pretty much all 2D platformers made have varying amounts of lag and hopefully this post will help someone thinking of making a 2D platformer type game.

I made a 2D platform game/level that runs fast without lag because I hardly have any objects onscreen to bump
That would be too much to discuss though


Thank you for sharing this with us! I'll definitely put this concept into my next game. (When ever that happens. XD)


Wow, that's really cool! I was wondering why the speed of your two different platform games changed. This is so creative!! Great projects, by the way. :smiley:


THanx @Kiwicute2016 @Intellection74 for your kind words


still waiting for the "touching color" feature to come out


Yeah, that would be great.
Don't know if it will ever happen with Hopscotch


Possibly that is what the newest update will have :s
Or even better, making trail art objects :s


Cool topic! Thanks for making it!

Lol before I like the replies: