Ways that hopscotch can improve in



I have a lot of ways it can improve in

  1. have a chat room
  2. When making account ask if public or private if public ask what rules you want on that account and show the owner
  3. tell the community if the user is on or off either with a user made project or just green for online red for offline
  4. being able to do hopscotch on android
  5. Let a user be able to make there own videos on how to make something in hopscotch by recording you in the edit section kinda like what the hopscotch team makes
  6. Add a insert photo or video block
  7. add a speak text block withthe characters voice
    Let me know if you have any other ideas
    On and @Liza can you look at these ideas and tell me what you think


Chatrooms are the forum, and if you want to talk in Hopscotch, it must be related to Hopscotch not about your injuries or being a mermaid.

Number two, three, and Five could be possible, and you can make videos in YouTube.

Making Hopscotch on Android requires a whole different kind of coding, so that would take an extremely long time.

Photo and video blocks are in a current debate since they might be inappropriate or tell about personal info Or be mean.

Talking in the characters voice would take a very long time as well, but it's possible.


OK I have that info anything else?


Email the Hopscotch team at support@gethopscotch.com about your ideas!


Great ideas and I agree wholly with what @Kiwicute2015 said. Just a few additional points in relation to ideas 4&5:

The Hopscotch Team are planning to work on Android:

And I think in-app video recording is coming :smiley:


I agree that yes, people should stop lying about being a mermaid! its so annoying! the worst part is that a lot of hopscotchers have quit because of this.