Ways Other Hopscotchers Can Communicate!



Hewwo! Today we are going to be talking about other apps that hopscotchers can communicate with instead of sharing emails or docs.


Yes, you may think this is a game. But you can make group chats with certain players. You also only need to put in your email which no one can see. Plus it's a fun game in general


Roblox, another game that you can play on, also has group chats (I think it's for PC only). But you can also message anyone for sharing passwords on accs.

Plus, both are free on the App Store and computers!

And, if you already have one of these games, you can share your username

Btw, you can tell me more apps that have these features without sharing emails.


I think this is going to get closed. @BuildASnowman said telling any way for Hopscotchers to communicate outside of the forum is banned.




Why is it banned?


Because THT can't watch the chat. Any one can say anything, and no one can stop them.


Well it can't really be banned, this is a free website...


The runners of this website (THT) can ban whatever they want on their website. It's their choice. They can block and remove anything....
It's not really a free website at all. It's strictly for hopscotch and THT has blocked things they don't want us to say.
I love the forum community, but it really isn't free...


@iReesesCup Roblox is a game where you go places but cursing is not censorned so you could hear really bad things.

Also that the other app may not be censorned when a bad word appears so yeah.........
like @tankt2016 HS doesn't allow communicating in other ways because that can lead to bullyin.g


Also, the admins and mods have to monitor it, so that's the main reason. :wink: