Waving flag requests


There are 47 countries in the continent of Africa. 53 if you count the islands off the coast. Do you have a specific flag in mind?


The south african one.
I hope this isn't too hard


Zdorovo. For some reason, I suspected that you might have a familial connection to that part of the world. At first glance, your grammatically-irregular forum name had me thinking Georgian or Armenian, but it is characteristically Russian to pose the question that you did, the way you did. It's hard to explain, but interesting... Thanks for the reply. Or should I say, spacibo za otvyet. :slight_smile:

I would enjoy seeing the waving Russian flag, too. Has it been made yet?


Hope this counts lol



I thought the stripes went horizontally on that one... :laughing:


Puppy Flag please!!


I just made it! It on my channel.


It's up on my channel now!


I did the union flag! It on my channel. I'm going to post links once I finish more requests.


Do The Maori Flag
And New Zealand Flag
And if you can the French flag



Wow! That's really cool!! Thanks!



How about a New Jersey flag? Look it up online.


I saw them and they're really cool!
Maybe you could do South Africa's flag? That would be a challenge!


The flag in Gravity Falls from the finale?

It's fine if it's too complicated.


I did south Africa's flag already. @RobotPro posted a picture.


I can try, but the tiny people would be hard to make. I ran into the same problem when I was going to make the Minnesota flag. I ended up giving up.

our awesome flag


Cool! You live in Minnesota! Yeah, that would be kind of hard, now that I think about it…You could just do your best…


I'm live in OZ to! 20202