Waving flag requests


Recently I have been making waving flags for different countries. I have made flags for America, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium. Now, I'm going to start taking requests to make flags both real and fictional. Just reply to make a request.


The forum flag! :D


New Zealand!!! And the Hopscotch Flag!


Is the hopscotch flag the hopscotch logo, but on a flag?


Yeah...supose so....


Since you did the USA flag, do the Russia flag!


Do the England flag. Just a challenge for ya.


Do the Nigeria flag! And the Barbados flag! :D


Makes one for Hogwarts and Britian.


Here! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xt88shzh0


Cool! I like it!


POLAND FLAG! Create the Poland flag


I am curious. What is the relationship between those two things? How is one related to the other?


The Australian flag Aussie Aussie Aussie OY OY OY


Could you do Singapore? I was born there! XD


Could you please make an African flag? I'm working on a Black History Month Project.

( also please do the Canadien flag :slightly_smiling: )


Yeah the Australian flag would be cool! Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy! :joy::joy:


Cold War?

@CrystalPanda I live there!



Do the flag of China!


Because I live in the USA, but @hansonnoah already made the USA flag. And more then 50% of my family is native to Russia and lives in Russia