Wave Generator fixed bugs!


What do you think?

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@Milkypup lol


Yes, it's really cool!
I do have some ideas which you could add in a future update


Ok... what are they?


I was thinking you could have power variables, like variables to the power of variables, these can make really cool effects (like "them" variables that are to the power of "this" and "that". Yes, good variable choices)

Yeah, I'm gonna be editing this

The example photo is too large to upload


Wow, this is great! I've never used color blending before, so this is really cool to me. :D

Maybe you could add a color customization option or an option to change the waveform formula. :D


I'm going to sign in and create a copy project showing the example (I won't publish it)

Ok, done, you can try it out
It's creating really massive effect

Sometimes, it's just ending up as blue. Let's try to fix that
I edited out the Litter Function in the duplicate one to see the actual effect

Btw, I'm getting regular in like 2 days


I like it a lot! It is awesome, great job!


Never mind, scratch that, it looks too crazy
I'm gonna try to fix that..

Scratch that again, I'll have to start over


U can stop spamliking all of my topics now lol


If you say so........ >: ))))