Watermelon Club (round two)



mute don’t lounge
im part of the mute don’t lounge program

anyhow here is the watermelon club
join if you like watermelons
join if ha.te watermelons

  • I want to join because I’m a pure and beautiful human being!!
  • I don’t want to join because I’m an u.gly normie

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warning :: voting on a certain choice in this poll with cause you to join the watermelon club.
you will be tagged.


that @poppy :: leader
@Spam_Called_Joe :: co-leader
hatty @PaperBagHat_meep :: elite member
happy bi dragon @panthera :: member
:: gobli09 has been removed due to joining the dragonfruit club ::
@svmaddy26 :: elite roaster
@kitty4U :: member
@photographer123 :: elite member
@Petrichor :: llama
@amberheart :: treasurer
@blackseal :: member
@CG75 :: member
@blcorn :: member
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family taglist

the fam::
father:: @lovelydeer
father:: @Satan
delusional child:: @SunkM-Productions
weregoat:: @BlackSeal
gramma:: @Ipokemon
cat pet:: @poppy
brother:: @Jesus

they are unfaithful children of the watermelons!!

story of the watermelons, pineapples, and dragonfruits

once upon a time, the dragonfruits and watermelons lived in a kingdom peacefully together, until one day, the leader of the dragonfruit. he wanted to welcome pineapples into the watery fruit kingdom. the watermelons didn’t agree and the leader of the watermelons ate the leader of the dragonfruit. this was the first time that fruit had ate each other, and the dragonfruit were shocked. then the watermelons began a rebellion. so the dragonfruit killed most of the watermelons, except for the leader watermelon and some other watermelons. the leader of the watermelons died, and the remaining loyal watermelons fled to a land far away, and pineapples were welcome in the kingdom. the watermelons returned some time later, and bowed down to the leader of the dragonfruits, but then they rebelled again. here they are now, planning their next attack on the dragonfruits…


A emerald chest
Hiding rubies
And diamonds.
A small piece
Bleeding out juice.
The golden taste
Royal and sweet
Overwhelming taste buds.
Watermelon is
The most highly valued
Food in the universe

Watermelon, watermelon,
grows here on a vine
Watermelon, watermelon,
eat it all the time
Watermelon, watermelon,
How are you so sweet?
Watermelon, watermelon,
At lunch it’s you I eat.

So beautiful,
So red,
So flavorless.

Watermelon’s good
I think it tastes really nice
Red green and yellow

Fresh and green
Red in the middle
Grab a piece and play the fiddle
Little black seeds
They’re hard to eat
Grab a piece and take a seat
Eat right down to the rind
Grab a piece and see whatcha find
Watermelon’s a tasty treat
This green fruit can’t be beat.

event one :: submit a picture of a watermelon :: winner :: @svmaddy26
event two :: write a poem about watermelons :: winner :: ??? ??? ??? ???


I’ll join
water froot

have another fig cookie


thank you kind sir for the fig cooookie :blush::pray:t2:


first event!!
submit a picture of a watermelon!!

that @poppy :: leader
hatty @PaperBagHat_meep :: elite member
happy bi dragon @Panthera :: member
@Gobli09 :: member

the event ends in 5 hours!!
submit your photos before the deadline!!



Can I join?





can i join ???


yes of course you can


aH thank you uwu




that’s because you bought the advanced VeggieTales Pack.
with the advanced VeggieTales Pack, anything is possible.


uh I’m not a sir I’m a hatt but thank you anyway


I’m slightly late but I have a beautiful picture and more fig cookies

Hi image

A whole topic about lemons

Hey, would you be interested in becoming allies with the lemon republic?


ok i would I have more foodamals


Okay but I’ll have to consult the lemon committee just to be sure


I’m not the leader Poppy is


Well ask poppy when you see her


sure @Poppy can we join the lemon commity