Watermark is being taken off


So… Sometimes when people remix something that they did not make it takes off the remix thing at the top and it says that it’s theres. Is there away to fix this? I think it should be fixed and it’s definitely a bug


Interesting. Try tagging the Hopscoth team. (I’m not sure how to do that yet lol)


It’s been like this for years, there is no way that they can fix it

Copying code from json files is actually impossible to tell if you’ve copied code or not


If you have a link to an unpublished project, publishing that will remove the watermark.

Replacing the json of a project you made with another project causes that project to have no watermark.


THT has even featured projects on their websites that lead to copied projects by someone who removed the watermark

They’ve also featured a couple on accident

And they put one on game changers even though the watermark was there


They replaced that in September actually


Yeah I just saw a few days ago mucho mucho
Did you also notice they just reorganized the list so that Kaleidocosmos is back on top?


Yeah, they did that a few weeks ago


Have you had that bug sometimes when the “remixes of my project” filter doesn’t show up?

I need to get a screen shot
It really weirds me out like I’m not reading it correctly but sometimes it isn’t there


Yes, I have.

It is exceedingly odd, and makes the mind wonder what other wonders this beautiful world has for us, if we’d only sail across the great body of water that is life.


Oh I missed this post bad
Yes this world is a great sailing emporium with many great sail boats and captains. Much wonder really invites intricate waves of development


Aside from directly working with the JSON data (which isn’t a simple copy/paste to copy code), removal of the watermark has been discussed with THT in other topics, so they are aware that the watermark can be removed. Unfortunately it was made clear that they don’t see this as a significant problem & have choosen not to fix it. It certainly could be fixed if they wanted to.

This has also been discussed. And that was intentional. The remix made a significant improvement to the original project, which you had to completely restart to try again and wait for loading. The remix added an in-game start. They also wanted to encourage remixes, since remixing code & learning from others is a central component of Hopscotch. For my two cents, I see no problem with the game changer as both the original author and the remix author get credit.


Yes I have that too! I just swipe all my apps out or a close out of the app and it’s back!