Water or soda because I would pick water- (making a project about this)


Hey guys I'm new and I like water a lot more than soda soda is bad for you but water has saved people's life's before.


Welcome to the forum!

Just remember that topics have to be related to Hopscottch :D

I hope you learn to enjoy the forum

Hey, who flagged, the creator of this topic was going to make a project on HS about it. @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016


Welcome! All topics need to be related to hopscotch! Maybe you could make a project out of this!?


Thanks so much I will make a project about this look out for it!


I can't wait to see the project! What is your hopscotch username?


Ok because it will be so awesome it will blow your mind


Hello! As you now know, topics on this forum have to be related to Hopscotch, so it's great you're making a project with it! Have a great day.


I don't like soda either I like water but it should be related to hopscotch


I am very excites for it. :smile: :smile: :smile:

To do this, put a:
[details=What You Want It To be Called]
your message


This topic is temporarily closed due to a large number of community flags.


Since you're new, I will deflect the flags, but I can't wait to see the project!



You said SODA
Bum Bum
we here in _________ say pop instead.
The _______ Test
Do you say POP or SODA


Welcome to the forum @Angidrawings ! Make sure to keep all topics related and useful to hopscotch. :wink:

Welcome to the forum! This is a big guide of stuff on the forum!

Forum tricks!

Click me!

[ details=Click me! (Or whatever message you want]
Then you type in whatever you want to be hidden until you click on the message after details=!
[ /details]

Though do not add the space between the [ and whatever is after it :wink:.

Tap on the blur :point_down:

`Type in
[ spoiler]
Whatever text you want to be blurry
[ /spoiler]`
Again, without the space after the [ .

For the slanted text, you can either put one asterisk (the stars) on both sides of the text, or do < i> text here < /i> without the space after the <.

For the bold text, you can either put two asterisks on each side of the text, or do < b> text here < /b> without the space.

For bold and slanted text, you can either do three asterisks on each side of the text, or do < i> < b> text her < /i> < /b> without the spaces.

  • Type in [ poll]
  • Press enter/return
  • Put a dash, then a space
  • Put the poll option (the text)
  • Put as many as you want (well there is a limit which is 20 options I believe
  • Close it with [ /poll]
  • Like this:
  • [ poll]
  • - option
  • [ /poll]


You can also make different versions of these, such as doing this:
[ poll type=multiple]
- You can choose
- Multiple answers
- Isn't this cool?
[ /poll]

[ poll type=number min=you type in a number that you want to be the smallest number choice max=this is the biggest number choice, though there has to be a range less than 21 though I think]
[ /poll]

You can also do the min max thing with the multiple choice poll.

Trust Levels (Not written by me)

How to use the forum

If you are replying to someone or creating a topic, the is a bar of icons.

The first one, the speech bubble, will only work if you are replying to a topic. When you tap it, it will either quote the entire post of the person you are replying to, or quote the original post if you're just replying to the topic, not any specific reply.

The second one, the B, will put the *s for you (see above about bold text).

The third one, the I, will put the *s for you (see above about slanted text).

The fourth one, the chain, will allow you to put links to other pages on the forum or other websites.

The fifth one, the quotation marks, most likely are similar to the speech bubble but is not currently doing anything for me.

The sixth one, the carrots and the slash, will make it so that you can show how to do code on here without it actually doing anything.

The seventh one, the object and the arrow, will let you put pictures in your post.

The eighth one, the lines and dots, will let you make a list with bullet points.

The ninth one, the lines and numbers, is very similar to the previous one, and will let you make a list only with numbers.

The tenth one, the A, will let you write a heading.

The eleventh one, the dash, will let you put a line to separate parts of your post.

Finally, the twelfth one, the smiley face, will let you put in emojis. This is useful if you don't have access to emojis.

Being kind on the forum

Here are some tips on being kind and supporting on the forum.

The like button is for saying that you agree with the person, supporting it, and saying that you like what they're saying.

The flag button is for flagging something that is offtopic, innapropriate, or spam. If you see a post that you think is one of these, usually the best thing to do is to give them a warning before you flag, unless it really seems like it won't help by giving a warning.

If you see a topic that has been made before, instead of saying search before you post, you can say it in a nicer way such as "I think there might be another topic about this on here. Maybe that might help you?"


Some of them you can bend a little if I said that there is a nicer way to do it.

Some tips

When posting, it's good to:

  • Be clear and precise about what you are saying.

  • Make sure that it doesn't go against community guidelines.

  • Read you post before posting.

I hope this helped at least a little bit!


I would totally copy that and put it into most of the newest people's "what do I do I am new" topics


Yay I quoted again and it is a cool qoute


Hello from the oth r side


I prefer water! You can make a poll to get good results! Just do this!

- Welcome
- to
- the
- Forum!

Common Mistakes! (tap/click to open)

Not putting a space between - and the word.
Doing the wrong side slash, it needs to be /!

Community Guidelines!

I will summarize them for you, but I will also give you the actual thing!

Be nice!

Don't beg for likes!

Be humble!

No spamming! (Make every post count!)

and most importantly...
Keep your posts related to hopscotch/the forum! Make sure the post matches the topic!
Here's the guidelines:

Important Topics You Need to See!

The largest topic on the forum, the drawing topic, known for the bot wars. Made by yours truly!

This topic is where you can post the things that make you excited, like being followed by SmileyAlyssa!

A cool topic. Don't tag users when you say their name!

About keeping on-topic posts relevant to the topic... Post them here!

If you need any help, just type in @LazyLizard and I will help you!


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