Watch Team Hopscotch play YOUR games πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚



OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG! We're playing your games on our new YouTube series.

For reals:

Check it out:

What should we play next? Comment and tell us (ps it's most cool to nominate someone else's game :stuck_out_tongue: ) !!!!!!!

<3 <3 <3

Really... Really? Is this really happening to us?

my game Laser Snake and @t1_hopscotch's 2048!



Games to Play Ideas:
β€’Lemonade Stand by -Madi-
β€’2048 by t1
β€’2-Player Geometry Dash by yours truly, Creative Coder

I think it'd be awesome if you completed challenges made by Hopscotchers on your YouTube channel, too!


two votes for 2048 by t1! I considered Madi's lemonade stand a well


Can you please do my project " hopscotch edition 2.0" here is the link


I would appreciate if you find something on my acount you want to do. I am gamergirlofgamers on it, and I'm in the middle on some of my personal best projects! I will alert you when I'm done with one!

EDIT: I have just put the finishing touches on my random truth detector project. I will make a version of it in the future where you can edit what the detector detects (like, set it so, it will always you you are lying or something) the link is here is you want to check it out


@alish, could you please do the Tap Titans game, please. And if you do it, play the latest version.


I agree with @Phase_Studios! Tap Titans would be very good to see, I played it and it's very good


I was the very first person to start and get the idea and make some of it first! @AHappyCoder @alish @CreativeCoder @Hoppertoscotch @TheAquamarineWolf!!!!!!!!!!! I can't belive it how much popular it got!!!!!!


I would love you to include @t1_hopscotch's 2048 as it is sooo complex!


@Phase_Studios huh? I'm confused.


First of all, I was saying that I was the person to come up with the Idea of Tap Titans on Hopscotch, and I was the person that created it was me @Hoppertoscotch.


Oh and just wait I'm working on a game called "Build My 2D World!" And I'd appreciate it a whole lot if you play it when I'm done.


Ooh, that sounds cool, can I be the beta tester for it @Hoppertoscotch?


Well, @Phase_Studios, I already found a problem, I made it so you can place blocks where you tap, but for some reason I can only make 9 of the clones! And it did the same thing when I tested it on another project! :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: this maybe impossible to do! You may be able to be a beta tester for it once I figure out why it's doing this!!!!!


Oooh, play Laser Snake!


Thank you so much @VisceralMind!!!!!


I nominate t1's 2048 and maybe my vine draw thingy. Also I think you should play MagmaPOP's last touched test


telemonkey by me! it has cutscenes!:monkey_face:


And can someone tell me how to post my own topics instead of just replying to people? #ItWouldBeVeryHelpful! :wink: