Watch out this is the user right now friendship is which is suspended


here's the user so far and she keeps deleting them or changing the names



I feel like we shouldn't bring attention to the situation.

I am thinking of something else to say in this comment to make it feel more positive but am not succeeding.




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Please don't draw attention to this.
I think this is very insulting to friendship. If you were friendship, how would you feel?
I don't think good, please be more respectful :wink:
We don't want to gossip ;-;

Mods are handling the situation and when she comes back I hope she is feeling better c:


I saw the edit. XD

I saw two edits.


she is suspended and is coming and making fake account and saying mean things to me then deleting them everyone I'm not trying to be rude



Still it's not nice to gossip about others,

I'm sorry she said some mean things to you but imagine how bad/upset/mad she feels right now,
I think we need to give her a break to chill c:

We sometimes act different when we are mad/sad, etc


The mods are aware that this is her, but we should probably drop this topic.
We shouldn't gossip about this.
So let the mods handle it, and let's drop it.


Wait a minute, this may seem a little off topic but how do you and the moderators know it's a fake account?


I don't think we all need to draw attention to this.:slight_smile:


As others have said, it's best not to draw attention to these types of things. :slight_smile:


They check IP addre.sses @AlohaHawaiiStudios c: