Wat. Why. How. Why. Makes. No. Sense


leafyishere @anonymous got suspended.

Ok so I mean look at this

Ok ok ok so what happend here?! :100:


He's about to get unbanned.

There might already be a topic for this? Idk


I saw it after I made this but it was a lot of spam like jsjsjdjd

In the title so why not make a real topic


He requested to be suspended


I think he wanted to be it


lol u got ignored


Didn't you say this on another topic?

And btw I am making dollars not cents


Omg that's so weird XDDDDDD I'm laughing so hard rofl
But srsly that's just weird(I don't wanna say stu.pid)


Get Huggingfluffybearkt m8


Nonny requested to be suspended, it's what he feels he needs. ;-;



Leafy is one of my favorite youtubers man, along with vanoss gaming