Wat is a Peepo? Help Support the Peepo Cause! :3


Definition: Peepos are the relatives of the Jumpyduckz. They are associated with the wrenches side. However, because Snoopy is not a regular anymore the peepos are sad because Snoopy has no wrench to have a wiki edit. :0 So please donate a wrench today.
Here's a picture of a peepo:

Peepos with party hats think they are superior to humans, and peepos without party hats:
Think they are alike. Which is why, whenever you want to say "peoples," you may use peepos and the peepos will be very happy.
But there has been an argument in the peepos. They think their miniskirts (actually egg) is very unstylish. And they would like more accessories besides the boring party hat.
Sometime people associate the peepos with peeps. Peeps are the peepos mortal enemies. They feed on Peepos!
So this is why the Peepo population is endangered. They need more accessories so they can beat the Peeps, and then they can eat the Peeps.

What You Can Do to Help the Cause:

  • Donate wrenches. They can be used as weapons.
  • Code or draw fashion accessories on hopscotch.
  • Code or draw more peepos to prevent them from going extinct.
  • Let them join with the Jumpyduckz to wage war against the Peeps.
  • Train them with treats. They like cookies! :cookie:

Where To Do This:

I have created an account called "Save the Peepos!"
The Username- Save the Peepos!
Password- Peepos

Please help this movement today!


Heres a wrench :3333



happyfacegirl was here XD


Here's another wrench!

A word I made up:

Shchubenhager :stuck_out_tongue:


happyfacegirl was here XD
@happyfacegirl I edit my own posts lol


Yey! Please donate a wrench on the account! The peepos have their natural habitat on the account.


But their account isn't a regular D:
(unless ur talking about a hs account)


A HS account!
The login details are in the first post! :3


Doesn't that make hacking easier since anyone can see it?




Peepos do not know what hackers are.
SHHHH don't tell them!
If someone steals all their wrenches, they will cry M&Ms... ;-;


Taek dis wrench :wrench:

Y @Snoopy nit regular nu more?


You must publish on account for Peepos to take it. The account is their habitat. Also I got demoted, because I wasn't on enough because of vacation. ;-;


Awwww that's sad I shall halp you and de peepos


Here's a grandma Peepo. Her legs are gone because of the Peeps. A Peepo specialist helped her with the wheels.


gices wrench


You have to code or draw the wrench on the hopscotch account. Or else the Peepos cannot take it because the forum has a poisonous chemical that will kill Peepos automatically. :0


Peepos are awesome! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


I went into the account and made a project. :0


I'll make lots of wrenches later ^u^


What? Ok, sure. I'm getting a bit sick of this, honestly.


The Ashparagus potatoes offer their friendship. Do you accept?