Wat. Idk what is going on


So a person named 'MalteseIsAmazing' liked my topic and I did not recognize the name so I looked at their profile and recenst posts like a stalker... And then I saw another new person... And their first topic looked the same as MIA's. so I looked up her profile but MIA was not anywhere on the forum... Why was MIA's name changed to Clowns? She recently joined, like a few minutes ago.


MalteseIsAmaizng changed their name to clones if you saw their post it said they like clonws


New users can change their names, and they did lol


I'm so confused, what does this have to do with @Clowns?




Yeah, 'cause not many people probably have tagged them, so it wouldn't affect much. It goes away after they get basic though.


I know!

I wish I learned that!

But you can change it but the after a while that username is permanent!


Ur not gone btw, change ur description thingy.


*Is permanent



What's wrong with clowns changing their username


Gone could mean lost according to the dictionary. How do you know I'm not lost right now



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Hey guys!




Nothing! Nothing at all! This topic was just a little confused on what happened