Wasteland! New game!



Ive been working on this game for awhile. I'm so exited, I just put it out!
I used @Deadfr's music!
Here is the link:

I need feedback, suggestions, and tips! Thanks!

  • it's good!
  • it's ok
  • it's bad


Edit: I would love @kenlauescuadro's feedback!



Nice game! Music is distracting though...


Thanks! I wanted to use music to make it seem scary kinda! Idk. I might take it out in the next version!


Yeah the music, is.... Anyway TYSM for using my music even if u might take it out!


Yah sorry... I will probably leave the music in because I love it. If people don't like it they can just turn the sound off!


It doesn't hide the mass tag list :sweat_smile:


I tried... Lol


I love the music, but the game isn't the best. Maybe a shape art background that slowly changes color and some more spikes and correcting the grammar (Has you play) would be better!


Thanks for the feedback! This is the first version, so it's not that good yet. I will definetly use your ideas in the future update.


Please use the latest version of the list! I removed my self!


So sorry!


The concept is great (the changing colors over time) but there is a circle that distracts me and blocks the jumping circle. Anyways, good job!


Yah, that circle is distracting, I'll take it out in the next version. Thanks SO much for the feedback.


You could make, at exiting moments, a sharp high or low note and some form of escalating pitch.