Was this all a rumor?


Ok so a lot of you know Rodrigo spoke of these "phases" as some kind of experiment. That shows the leaders and us to be lab rats. But recently I have found something very interesting that Liza replied to me for.

I asked her the question are you aware of what Rodrigo said on his Twitter.

If Liza truly meant the dark ages don't exist and nothing bad happened.

But I'm going to say the HS dark ages DO exist as it represents the wave of sadness the demotion came from. So the ages came from what was the result not the problem itself.

So now we had to figure out why did THT do this so suddenly? And how does Kiwi's leaving topic with the reasoning behind the demotion fit into this at all?


I meant exactly what I said in that post :slight_smile:

The forum is not an experiment in which we're running test on people. We're constantly learning about how we can improve, and looking back can say "that was the time when we did X" (like "that was the time we had Hopscotch in portrait only—whoops!")

We are learning how to best support the Hopscotch community, and have tried a bunch of different strategies over the years. We'll continue to try different things in the future as we learn. I hope that you guys do this—try something, learn from it, and then try something again.

We announced this last week when we felt like we had made a decision. There was not a single person or event that caused our decision. We've been thinking about it for a long time. It feels a little gossipy to try and figure out who/what/whenwhere, so I'm not going to continue that further.


@liza, I agree. People are taking this "dark ages" thing to seriously. By saying you were testing, doesn't mean we were "lab rats".

I understand the demotions. All though I feel that there are some cons, like that you guys aren't on in the weekends, I respect your decision.

Some people are upset, and I get it. But they keep talking about how it was all a "test" and that the forum is going through a "dark age". This isn't social media. Not having leaders shouldn't have a impact on discussing code.

The forum is turning into to much of a social media. This is to talk about code, not drama.

Overall, I respect your decision Liza.


Also, no hate to old leaders. I realize how upsetting this is to you guys, but I also think people are taking this too far.

Again, this isn't social media. Leaders or not, we can still discuss code!


I thought as much.

I was confused why people connected "experiment" with, like, Frankenstein-level bizarre testing or something.
I guessed it was just a general test, and not an unkind one.
Guess I was kinda right?

@Mathgirl is stalkliking me :0


I don't recall any post talking about it being kind of like an experimental thing

So it was kinda surprising

And I'm pretty sure the decision might need to be rethought soon as there's already a lot of immediate effects from rolling back the leader badge.


I completely agree :D

So Liza, I just wanna clear something up: this whole "leader demotion" thing was a real thing, and not an experiment to see if the leaders would stay?


No, I don't think they ever meant for it to be an experiment. They just wanted to try having Hopscotchers as mods, and they thought it didn't work out. I think :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Whew that's all awesome then .


Wow Nice Post thanks!


You can improve by bringing back Leaders.

That was one of your worst mistakes ever. Good thing it was fixed! :slight_smile:

Why did you do this? There are more Hopscotchers than members of THT, so Hopscotchers should have some control over Hopscotch and the forum.


Rodrigo was closing topics on Sunday. @Liza, is that allowed?


Hopscotch is social media for kids who like programming!


Yes. It wouldn't be very nice to experiment like that :slight_smile: This doesn't mean we might not have leaders at some point in the future, just not now.


Hopscotch is a coding app for kids.

The forum is a place to talk about coding on Hopscotch.

It's not a place to talk about what's going on in your life, like you would on social media.

So, it's not really social media so much as an easier way to get help with coding.


I meant social media that's used to talk about/do programming.


It doesn't really fall into the category of "social media" :wink:

Sure it's a medium for social activity but this is specific to Hopscotch and coding.


Why wouldn't closing topics on Sunday be allowed?

Also, hopscotch is a coding app, not a social media. Just because you can chat on an app, doesn't necessarily make it social media :wink:


Awesome! I think this is all a good decision, and I trust you guys :slight_smile:

I'm really honoured you replied to me :00

I live in Australia, hopefully one day I'll come to New York and visit you :D


Personally, I do not think the demotion is a good idea.
The whole thing isn't very nice, I think. It took a LOOOOOONG time for the Leaders to become Leaders and Mods. And suddenly, they are now back to Regular again.
The Forum I now see is pretty chaotic without the Leaders and Mods moderating.

I do respect THT's decision even I disagree with it.
After all, there isn't anything I can do much about the demotion.

And to all the Forumers, welcome to the Dark Age.