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Hi people! Fell free to chat about whatever here! Just nothing inappropriate or personal. I'll be happy to do a Q & A with my OCs, Robin, Cherry, and Henry. (I'll post pics of them here in a sec.) Cherry is Henry's sister, and Henry and Robin like each other. Thanks for joining on my topic! I'll be on a little TO often, so I know you'll catch me.




Hi! :slight_smile: What's up???


The sky


That can't be good. Will they take Iowa's precious cornfields??? Sorry, I'm from IA.


Random - My cats, Kit-Kat and Jasper, are snuggled up and purring right now! Paws - ativley adorable!


My cats, JJ - Jasper, KK - Kit-Kat.


Random gif time!



That's sorta, well, creepy. Is that from Star Wars?




Random gif time?


My younger sister is a big Ninjago fan. When I saw one of your featured and showed to her, she saw the username of who made it and was like "Nindroid Games/Studios/I forget!!" She was happy, I'll put it that way.


@Petrichor ^^^


Which featured, do you remember?


No. I. dea. A cool one.


They're all cool.


OBviouisly. Maybe not so obvious.


They're as cool as Zane. Not as cool as Kai.


XD Hah. I know enough to make that funny.


Hi People! I won't be super active on my MapleKitten account, but I have two other separate accounts for RPs and Art. The names are: BeanKat :feet: - RP and BeanKat :feet: - Art. Thanks!