Warrior Cat Fans Challenge!


Who's a warrior cat fan?

  • Yes
  • No


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You answered yes?
I have a challenge for you!

Code your FAVORITE Warrior Cats Scene!
No using emojis for the cats.
You can use them for the background though.
It can be a movie, or just a scene that doesn't move.
Just a picture you coded.

First prize: A follow, a logo, a drawing (please request for this in the comments)
Second prize: A follow, a logo
Third prize: A follow

Good luck!


Who's doing it?

  • I am!
  • I'm not!


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Will you do it?


Soory ;-;
I wish I could but I've got a lot of big projects going on and there's something wrong with my iPad ;-;


I would but I don't have time, sorry! I'll be drawing my warrior cat oc later tho :D


I'll try, but mine will probably be three months late! I have around seven drafts of incomplete games!


Thank you! Thanks ok!