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There is a Really bad bug, and it basically ruined my project.

This is how it happened to me:

  • I logged into my account
  • I tried to open a project in my drafts
  • I kept tapping it because it seemed like it wasn't working

Then it opened the project about four times, going from screen to screen, because that's how many times I tapped it.

Then everything times itself by four!
Every rule, every value, every text, every object

It's really confusing and hard to explain! But it was as if four exactly the same projects layer on top of each other!

It ruined my project, though I'll try to fix it.



Do not click more than once when opening an uploaded project! Wait, and be patient! Because there is no way to fix it!

Pictures of the mess


That is not good at all! It has never happened to me before though. :disappointed_relieved:


Another time it happened to me in January, but I didn't know how. Now I do. And I had to redo my entire game, which was nearly finished.


Whoa.... that does NOT look good. I hope you can fix it!


Well, here's some more fun stuff: I had 3/4 of my drafts deleted once =D fuuuuuuuuunnnnn

Yeah no it wasn't


can't like


What happens if you press the play button?


(Le troll likes post) mwahahahahahhahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!


What do you mean?


Try playing the code you have.

In the top right corner of a project, the play button. :smile:


The download button???


Listen to this.
I was making music... Luckily I still had a lot to do... But look at the code! And it doesn't sound right!


When you are coding a project, you press the play button to test your code. You press play to play a game. :smile:


That happened to me on an Easter project....but I duplicated 3 times...maybe it's related somehow but not directly? Eh I dunno.



That's really weird :anguished:!


That happened to me on one of my BEST projects but it deleted itself and I am too lazy to redo it, it hade like, 15 values D:



Code Blue? Code Orange? Red II?


Totally serious tho..


This is evil...

Edit: Phew finally I can like again!:sweat_smile:


That looks like a nasty bug that you don't want to catch, but I like that song!


Ooh, duplicating abilities. Tricky.