⚠️🌎WARNING: tip to know about global edit🌎⚠️



Hey there! I am going to give you a really HUGE tip to always remember and do with global edit!

are you ready

you sure


i don't think your ready


........always copy and paste what you said if your post is in global edit bc someone will go in and delete all of it and delete everything...like what if you made a 5 paragraph thing then someone deleted...then oh no ITS GONE!

So every time you put a post on global edit make sure you copy and paste and put it somewhere safe

hey that rhymes​:stuck_out_tongue:

so basically: COPY AND PUT AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE​:grinning:


Lol, that was me. XD


You can view edit history and copy and paste it from there, and find who did it! :slight_smile:


yea I know that but you still lost all your har.d work​:wink:
(why is your har.d work blocked​:joy:) @Gilbert189


@Intellection74, yeah, I’ve got nothing.

I didn’t get an email, which I guess I’m cool with. If they need someone else, I could do it, because I can still code, but I didn’t get anything.

Anyway, it’s super cool that you did!! I don’t know the logistics of you being a kid and all, but I guess you’ll work that out. Do you think you want to do it?

Thanks. And idk if I want to. I mean it sounds cool and all but to be honest I don’t if my parents would really approve of it? (Cough overprotective dad cough) Anyways I don’t know if I’d even have enough time. I schedule isn’t jam packed or anything but I wouldn’t want it getting in the way


@SimplySouthernGurl, remove everything again. :D

(In my post.)


oh you re edited ok thanks @Gilbert189 ....I'm still keeping this topic tho​:slight_smile:


I just was able to copy and paste from the edit history. :D


thanks @Gilbert189 I now see what you mean


This might be off topic, but

Did you recycle this topic or something?
I'm confused :joy:

Edit: I clicked on the "Happy Bday" one and it took me here.


What is it?
Are you on phone?


I clicked on the "Happy Bday" one and it took me here.


What! I think lag! Are you on phone?




Make that someone may.
Nice topic!

I experienced this, with 2s in the middle of lots of the words.
SigmaCodes did it.

@PopTart0219, you had better do this with the friendly mass tag list.
I was added back on by an "accident" which is fake or true.


Not to disturb the ruins but is anyone else curious why a post from July 2016 is at the second to top of newest?

Im guessing someone posted something then deleted it but...?


You probably didn't scroll allllllllllllllllllll

-an eternity later-

-lllllllll the way down to the bottom of the Newest tab on June 2016 to check out this topic...

And therefore, it was counted as unread...

... or it was some sort of networking error...


yeah sorry i posted something and then deleted it i was testing something