(WARNING NOT HOPSCOTCH RELATED) Ready to learn 3D programming for free and easy well i can help you


here you can ask questions or other things use these screenshots to help you:
Step 1:
go to here and download the file its free then

Step 2:
find the file named as three.js master then

Step 3:
now right-click and click extract all

Step 4:
Now extract to where you desire

Step 5:
goto build in three.js master and create a new folder called whatever you want i use games then put game1indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

Step 6:
download sublime text 3 from here and open it up now every now and then you will get a message saying you need to buy pro dont just click cancel now click ctrl + s or click file then then save as

Step 7:
save in your folder and save it as anything but you must put .html example: index.html

Step 8:
now copy this code
right here you have to extract again copy code and paste it

Step 9:
Save by using ctrl + s or clicking file then save and find the file in you file explorer and double left-click it bam any problems tell me hope i helped


who all tried this?
yes or no?


Everything coding related can be on the forum :D


yea but its not made on hopscotch and here come dat boi


Well I hope no one says it is Hopscotch :D


yea i hope too this took an hour to make alot of typing and screenshots



So cool this is related becuase it relates to coding!

Quinnux would hate this :stuckout_tongue_winking_eye:_


yes did you try it if not its ok i just cants find any other good forums for this topic with active people


I'm not big on Github so all screenshots of my games will be here if you don't like and/or think my games and stuff are bad please just say nothing


here's my very first preview of the game download it free here and extract it fiind the index.html and double click that! Here's the game!


I get to my computer yet!


??????? what do you mean? XD no really


Oops sorry, I can't get on my laptop right now!


oh well i recommend learning three.js when you get a chance 2
just look up three.js tutorials or watch them here but its up to you this is not how most games are made but minecraft and roblox use a bit of this


Thanks so much dude!


np i just wanna help people around here




no more american flag huh?


Can you explain why this code works and what it accomplishes?


first did you try second this can be used to make game sin 3D now you maynot be able to make sims but you can remake minecraft and have all the textures so its very helpful and it just works